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PREPGroup is YOU - Neighbors Helping Neighbors

PREP Group members will strive to create a network of people and resources so that we might sustain a level of self sufficiency in the event of an emergency of any kind threatening our community.

Join us in helping our neighbors.
Point Roberts is a geopolitical oddity, an exclave of the United States, located on the southernmost tip of the Tsawwassen Peninsula, south of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Point Roberts can only be reached from the rest of the United States by traveling through Canada or crossing Boundary Bay by air or by boat.
Our unusual location helps to make Point Roberts a very unique community. Thoroughly isolated, yet only minutes away from a major metropolis, the international border protection is as rigorous here as at any crossing along the 49th parallel between the US and Canada.
Our permanent poplulation of only 1300 residents can swell to over 5000 in the summer months as recreational visitors come from all over to vacation at their cottages, tent at our campgrounds, and enjoy our woodlands, marina, golf course and beautiful beaches.
Concerned residents saw that our situation in the event of almost any significantly dangerous event would require unique approaches to emergency response to see that all our residents and visitors would get through the crisis.
The Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group (PREP) was formed Virginia Lesterin 2005 to create a structure for Neighbors to Help Neighbors in the event of an emergency. PREP meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month to create initiatives to enhance our self-sufficiency if the worst were to happen.