Chilean earthquake prompts Tsunami alert throughout the Pacific

A low-level Tsunami warning is in effect for the Point Roberts area. NOAA Our risk is considered to be fairly low but we should monitor the effect of this event as it proceeds throughout the Pacific region today. Hawaii is under a moderate danger warning and coastal regions in that state are being evacuated. Watch Live Streaming Earthquake Coverage here.

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County hogs first supplies of flu vaccine

As deaths associated with influenza topped 1,000 nationwide and President Barack Obama declared a state of national emergency, the local clinic prepared its own response to the H1N1 pandemic and got in line for a supply of vaccines.

Read the article in the All Point Bulletin by Meg Olson

Emergency Alerts

We are not aware of any emergencies at the moment.

Do you have one to report?

Call 911 to Report the Emergency,

Call 945-PREP so that we can get the word out.


Community Info:  Point Roberts needs Ham operators

September Tip: Be a community team player.  Learn--Practice--Learn. Have an exit plan for emergencies.(Fire, Earthquakes, Tsunamis)  EDITH can save your life.  So can a Ham.   Call Jud @ 945-0533 for more information.

VERY IMPORTANT   THE FIRE DEPARTMENT--CERT--PREP  are one team. ---FIRE folks lead.---Our one goal is to save your life.
Any takers??? We need your assistance.  Let's work together to protect our community.   


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