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PREP Events

CERT Training

Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness group sponsored a CERT training class October 3, 4, and 5th 2010.  19 students were in attendance and PREP now has two certified CERT instructors who live in Point Roberts.  Congratulations to the PREP team, CERT instructors Virginia Lester/Andrew Breiteneder, and CERT grads!

Let’s Shake Up the Point

Your PREP volunteers are pleased to announce that the 2nd annual PREP/Food Bank “Let’s Shake Up the Point” fundraiser will be held Thursday, June 17 at 6 p.m. at the South Beach House restaurant. Music, dancing, dinner and silent auction are the events for the evening. All this for $25 per person. This is a time to get together with all your friends for a fun-filled evening. All 126 tickets sold out last year and sales will start in May. You can also call Henry at 945-1711 to buy a ticket! Hope to see you all again this year!

Prep Biz - Minutes from PREP Meeting - Dec 2, 2008

 1.  Roll call
   2.  Minutes from mtg. of Nov. 11.  Correction -- the website was down only 2-5 hrs. Addition -- there may be a flea market, with Mexican food, sometime in February.

Prep Biz - Minutes from PREP Meeting - Nov 11, 2008

  1.  Roll call
  2.  Minutes from Oct. 7, 2008 meeting approved.
  3.  Per Steve Wolff, the internet renewal for our name was first set up by Emily with an Australian co. The renewal has been officially renewed correctly for the coming 2 years (after the website was down recently for 24-36 hrs).

PREP BIZ - Minutes from PREP meeting on Oct. 7, 2008

                                               MINUTES FROM P.R.E.P.  MEETING ON OCT. 7, 2008

PREP continues to plow ahead

The PREP (Point Roberts emergency preparedness committee) has been working to activate a community self-sufficiency plan for Point Roberts. Why? Living in this wonderful rural peninsula attached to Canada, isolated from the mainland United States, many of us forget the realities we will face when some natural disaster eventually befalls us. More: http://www.allpointbulletin.com/archives/2007/apb_july07/front_page8.html




Community Info:  Point Roberts needs Ham operators

September Tip: Be a community team player.  Learn--Practice--Learn. Have an exit plan for emergencies.(Fire, Earthquakes, Tsunamis)  EDITH can save your life.  So can a Ham.   Call Jud @ 945-0533 for more information.

VERY IMPORTANT   THE FIRE DEPARTMENT--CERT--PREP  are one team. ---FIRE folks lead.---Our one goal is to save your life.
Any takers??? We need your assistance.  Let's work together to protect our community.   


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