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10 Injured As Air Force Plane Skips Runway In Port Harcourt

Written by By Anayo Onukwugha, Port Harcourt    Friday, 12 March 2010 21:48

Ash Seen Posing Little Health Danger

LONDON — As the Icelandic volcano continues to spew ash across much of Europe, questions are circulating about whether the fine airborne particles of rock and glass pose health or environmental risks.  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/19/health/19iht-health.html

At the U.N., Preparing for the Next World Disaster 03-07-10

In the two months since a massive earthquake shattered Haiti, the U.N.'s World Food Program is still responding to the event and so far has fed over four-million people there. The WFP has dealt with catastrophes for decades, bringing food and other assistance to communities devastated by natural and man-made disaster. http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/at-the-u-n-preparing-for-the-next-world-disaster/19385181/


B.C. services not fully ready for disaster

By Jonathan Fowlie, Canwest News ServiceMarch 19, 2010 Many key B.C. government services are not properly prepared to survive or quickly recover from a major disaster such as an earthquake, an internal audit done for the province has found.


Canadian Red Cross: New Website Launched to Help Plug Gaps in Canada's Disaster Response Capacity

updated 8:23 a.m. PT, Fri., March. 6, 2009 OTTAWA, ONTARIO - In response to dire predictions of more natural disasters and research showing gaps in Canada's disaster response capacity, a group of concerned voluntary sector and emergency management organizations have launched a website to help boost the levels of disaster preparedness across Canada. Read more: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29549998/

Chilean earthquake prompts Tsunami alert throughout the Pacific

A low-level Tsunami warning is in effect for the Point Roberts area. NOAA Our risk is considered to be fairly low but we should monitor the effect of this event as it proceeds throughout the Pacific region today. Hawaii is under a moderate danger warning and coastal regions in that state are being evacuated. Watch Live Streaming Earthquake Coverage here.

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Earthquake causes Tsunami warning in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- A major earthquake struck Sunday near the north coast of West Papua, Indonesia, killing at least four, a government official said. The magnitude-7.6 tremblor occurred about 4:43 a.m. (5:43 p.m. Saturday PT), about 95 miles (150 kilometers) west-northwest of Manokwari and about 105 miles (170 kilometers) east-northeast of Sorong, two cities in the Indonesian province of West Papua.


Community Info:  Point Roberts needs Ham operators

September Tip: Be a community team player.  Learn--Practice--Learn. Have an exit plan for emergencies.(Fire, Earthquakes, Tsunamis)  EDITH can save your life.  So can a Ham.   Call Jud @ 945-0533 for more information.

VERY IMPORTANT   THE FIRE DEPARTMENT--CERT--PREP  are one team. ---FIRE folks lead.---Our one goal is to save your life.
Any takers??? We need your assistance.  Let's work together to protect our community.   


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