-->>Call 945-PREP for Help

Call 945-PREP for Help

945-PREP  Page - {WIP}


PREP has the 945-PREP phone number so that the community can call PREP and get help from Volunteers.


Call 9-1-1 for any Emergencies, such as Fire, Crime, and Medical emergencies.



Community Info:  Point Roberts needs Ham operators

September Tip: Be a community team player.  Learn--Practice--Learn. Have an exit plan for emergencies.(Fire, Earthquakes, Tsunamis)  EDITH can save your life.  So can a Ham.   Call Jud @ 945-0533 for more information.

VERY IMPORTANT   THE FIRE DEPARTMENT--CERT--PREP  are one team. ---FIRE folks lead.---Our one goal is to save your life.
Any takers??? We need your assistance.  Let's work together to protect our community.   


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